January 02, 2011

PDX Guide: Independent Publishing Resource Center

Located in a historic building downtown, the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is the place is Portland for D.I.Y. publication, offering facilities, tools and machines for the production of zines, comics and handmade books. Besides offering the resources and tools for self-publishing, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also aims to help individual adults and youth (especially at-risk youth) explore and express issues of identity.

Founded in 1998, the IPRC facilitates creative expression, identity and community by providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork. Membership to the IPRC is affordable and well worth the myriad perks. Members to the IPRC enjoy access to:
  • copy machines
  • printers
  • computer workstations with up-to-date software and internet
  • a letterpress print shop
The Center offers self-publication related workshops (including Letterpress Printing, Zinemaking and Design and Publication Software) and houses one of the largest circulating zine libraries in the world. Want to go even more in depth? You can now apply for a year-long certificate program in Independent Publishing with a concentration on fiction/nonfiction, poetry, or comics/graphic novels. Read about current projects of folks involved at the Center now on the IPRC blog.

Anyone can sign up for a live tour the IPRC, and the zine library is open to the public (once you sign up for a library card). Oh- and I forgot to mention that the Center also has a Yeti Research Center. A must-see for the true Portland experience.
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