May 28, 2011

NW Reuse Art Highlights

The ReStore, a Washington nonprofit that resells used building materials, hosts both a trash fashion show (see our post from the 2010 show in Seattle) and a creative reuse art exhibition in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington each year. Here are some highlights from the 2011 art show:

Andrew Hamill's "Cup Installation" in Bellingham.

Basket by Miriam Gray in Seattle.

Michelle de la Vega in Seattle. Image by Ruby Reusable.

Portland's Recology transfer station, an operator for Metro, has initiated a new program, inspired by the success of Recology San Francisco's Artist-In-Residence program. The Pacific Northwest Art Program is a collaborative effort of Metro, Recology and Cracked Pots. A panel of arts and environmental professionals have selected five artists to turn trash to art, by recovering discarded materials in one of our city's "dumps" and transforming them into new creations. The artists have six months to collect their goods, and will present their work in September this year. Learn more on the Cracked Pots website.

Christina Mazza and Erik Otto at San Francisco's Recology exhibit of their work.
See more Recology artists in residence.

Other local organizations regularly exhibit reuse art in a variety of materials. ReDux, a boutique on Burnside that features environmentally conscious arts & crafts, is currently showing Greg Brendon elephantthe work of artist Greg Brenden. Brenden transforms empty plastic milk jugs into fun and familiar animal forms, like chickens and bugs.

SCRAP Creative Reuse Center, in NE Portland, has a gallery devoted to art made from at least 75% reused or reclaimed materials. SCRAP's Re:Vision Gallery emphasizes the variety in materials and the innovative work of artists in the reuse field. Re:Vision Gallery will host twelve fiber artists in July and August.

Images: (left) Greg Brenden, (right) Amy Conway, "Big Pink."
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