April 29, 2010

Aperture International Photography Competition

Aperture has announced their 2010 Photographic Competition. The competition is open to photographers with series of works created in the last five years. A series of work must contain at least 15 images that share common content, such as a subject, topic, or theme that is carried throughout the portfolio in a consistent manner.

First Prize consists of $5,000
and being featured on Aperture's website for approximately one year. Winners will also be announced in the Aperture e-newsletter.

The deadline for the 2010 Aperture Portfolio Prize is
Wednesday, July 14, 2010, at 12:00 noon EST.
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Artist Opportunities

Written by: Kim Maruska
image from Aperture.org

April 28, 2010

Portland: D.I.Y. Craft Culture

Portland craft culture has boomed over the last five years, with Portland D.I.Y. crafters and organizations sparking national attention. Earlier this year, local Etsy crafters witnessed a milestone event as Brooklyn-based Etsy and the Pacific Northwest College of Art teamed up to host a new Portland craft project, I Heart Art. (PNCA already has a partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Craft and a joint MFA program with Oregon College of Art and Craft).

While I Heart Art sorts out its agenda and governing, another Portland craft organization, Crafty Wonderland, is receiving due attention for its Colossal Spring Sale, which will showcase over 200 crafters this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center. Crafty Wonderland was started by PDX Super Crafty members Torie Nguyen and Cathy Pitters four years ago as a monthly craft fair, which was held in the basement of the Doug Fir (on E. Burnside) monthly up until last November.

Another local craft organization born in 2006 is Destination D.I.Y. Destination D.I.Y. produces radio shows and podcasts based on themes related to crafting and craft politics. Founder and host Julie Sabatier has received much press and her show has moved from its origins at KBOO to being hosted by Oregon Public Broadcasting. Supporters of Destination D.I.Y. include local non-profits integral to the local grassroots art and craft scene, SCRAP, the School and Community Reuse Action Project, and the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).

Meanwhile, DIY Alert! provides a monthly e-newsletter that let's the craft community know about the latest class offerings and events in the Portland area.

Not that craft is new to the Northwest! Craft guilds, such as the Portland Handweaver's Guild, founded in 1945, have been keeping craft traditions alive since before most of us were born. (PDX Super Crafty have a great article about the history of craft in Portland). The Oregon Convention Center hosts a craft extravaganza this weekend (yes in the same center and on the same weekend as Crafty Wonderland's sale!) with guilds representing wood, metal, glass, and ceramics.

This year's Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Sale is sure to showcase some of Portland's finest D.I.Y. crafters and makers, with the more traditional guilds just a hallway away. The Convention Center events will provide a lively backdrop for the blossoming Portland craft culture.

Written by: Eleanor Williams

April 24, 2010

Plastic and Haute Couture in Seattle

The RE Store, a non-profit center that collects and re-disburses used building materials in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, hosted its 9th annual Trash Fashion show last weekend in Seattle.

Pre-show Coordinator Robin Worley of Haute Trash addressed the sold out floor at the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle with an educational and inspirational speech about the huge floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean (elsewhere described as "plastic soup" and a "trash vortex"). For Worley, fashion provides the way to teach about environmental responsibility. Inspired by the ethic that fashion made from trash can "entertain, educate, and empower," 20 West Coast designers displayed their creations at the show.

((Photographs by Michael Cline. Click on the photos for a link to all of Michael Cline's photos from the show on Flickr))

Highlights included "Albertsons," by Bo Young Choi, a 1930s-inspired plastic grocery bag costume, complete with hat (pictured above), "Move, Shift"(also pictured above), a cocktail dress made of fruitcake, shortbread, and tea tins, designed by Jane Grafton of Tinker's Damn, and Nicola Griffon's (of Alotta Rubbish) "Gone with the Wind and Rain," a Victorian mourning costume put together with fabric and metal fixings from broken black umbrellas.

Stay tuned for news on Portland's own Junk to Funk trashion organization.

April 21, 2010

Allen Mattson

Allen Mattson
Photographer and Artist

Simon Stromberg

Simon Stromberg

Cara Jo O'Connell

Painter and Illustrator

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