February 01, 2011

Artist Opportunity:Portland STOCK Dinner

Portland STOCK hosts public dinners in various locations around Portland on a bi-monthly schedule to raise funds for local artists' projects.

The premise: each participant in a stock dinner contributes $10 and becomes a dinner guest. Artists or artist group proposals are then presented to the dinner guests and the guests get to vote on which project should receive funding, a la the evening's proceedings. Hence, all the money contributed by the individual diners is then allocated, as a sort of grant, towards an innovative and community-supported artist project. The winning artists must present their completed work at the next stock dinner. (Portland Stock was inspired by the Sunday Soup dinners of the Chicago-based group InCUBATE.)

The next round of artist proposals, in the category of "culture as a component of sustainability," are due by 5pm on February 4th. This time around, Portland STOCK is hosting a special micro-grant dinner, in conjunction with the Dill Pickle Club, at the Visual Culture Symposium 2011, and the dinner is not open to the public. Rather, the dinner will serve to demonstrate a unique micro-granting process and feature Portland-based artists' projects to the national symposium of arts administrators and educators.

Learn how to submit an artist proposal.
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