August 04, 2010

Linoleum Block Stamping

Linoleum Block Stamping!!

Curious Bird

First I drew a picture, this is my sketch book that I put all my ideas in.
I also put imagery I find that inspires me here!!

Next I scanned the image into the computer and
created a black and white "simplified" version.
My version although simplified from original,
still needed more simplification during the carving process
for the a great end result. Thin lines are hard to carve so
keeping your image simplistic will be the best way to go.

Next I transferred the image to the linoleum block and carved the stamp.
Remember when you transfer the image to make it the reverse!
Or else your images or words could be backwards.
With some drawings will work either way.
It's words you want to make sure you carve the reverse.

Don't forget to test stamp it to make sure
you have carved deep enough in the stamp.

Next we'll start stamping on clothes.
I use Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric or Paper and a Versatex Fixer.
The Fixer is so I don't have to heat set the articles of clothing
after stamping, but I all ways do!!
Now, this is my first time with stamping clothing
so there might be better inks out there and if you know of one
drop me and e-mail or comment below. Thanks

First you take your ink and roll it out into a line even layer with your brayer,
next roll the brayer over the stamp, reapply more ink to brayer and apply again to stamp.
Continue till stamp is nice and even.

Place stamp down on fabric.

Don't forget to apply ample pressure to secure a uniform look.
Or if you like the faded ink handmade quality
just don't use as much pressure and
press harder in some places than others.

Voila!! I love this stamp!!
Curious bird, that is what I am going to call it.
This is my practice stamp shirt so now I have to reproduce it!!

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written by: Kim Maruska
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